West Central Florida Manufacturing Community Partnership

Our Purpose: to provide an organization for our community that allows us to work together to bring manufacturing jobs back to Central West Coast of Florida, restore fairness to the workforce and rejuvenate small manufacturing businesses in our community.

While this is a nonprofit it will be run like a business, by local manufacturers who know manufacturing and can provide ideas to ensure we can bring back the jobs we need.

Our Core Values:

  1. We Put Others First
  2. We Work Best Together
  3. We Do the Right Thing
  4. We Never Give Up


We believe that innovation is the future. It is the stimulant for growth, the foundation for economic success and human progress. We do not subscribe to the view that innovation is a gamble where most projects fail. Innovation and financial gain can be made more certain and predictable by understanding the factors that drive innovation and by changing traditional approaches to how we do business.